Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back 2011

Have not been here a long time - the time to play on the micro-Bo, suddenly found a not so enjoy.
Work is also extremely busy, to busy with the choice of the factory site, as well as sales, the company set up operations there.

Second half of last year with the first two months of time to fly in many places.
Hong Kong - Shenzhen - Guangzhou - Liuzhou - Loudi - Changsha - Beijing - Shanghai - Hangzhou - Guiyang - Osaka - Kuala Lumpur - Foshan - Zhongshan - Dongguan - Zhuhai - Zhaoqing - Maoming - Cixi. Too much time on the road.
Forget I must blessing here.
However, to send the 2011 fresh blessing.
everything and everyone will well in 2011
Auspicious Year of the Rabbit.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

passport OUT,OMG


Mike Posner - Please Don't Go: "31 Minutes to Takeoff"
Time seems to have all kinds of different things,
came to Kuala Lumpur, not the same experience, a group of people every day, there is no separate time for myselve to adjust, sometimes in the hotel very much like to have a large bed, a separate room, so do not put up with snoring colleagues, but I'm afraid that they may have some idea-thinking to myself I decided that not to do so, perhaps this will also feel that I mean what is wrong, so eager to end this can only travel as early as possible,
hoping can go back to Guangzhou, That may from HongKong to GuangZhou can catch the closing ceremony of Guangzhou Asian Games

Therefore hope in December's time for myself will have a vacation, goes home with the parents to stay some time, this year as if year by year is reducing with them in the together time along with the age growth, what fortunately after is these two years own financial circumstance good somewhat, had many have been possible to choose accompanies parents' time. Each time goes home to be possible to see the yearly senility on parents' face. Past complex mood also year by year desalinated obliterates!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Going ON-Hill what







Kuala Lumpur-MH0088,第一次去这里,9天的时间.没有留下太多的

Singapore- remember the first time to the time spent only four days.Basic is a waste in the eating, sleeping, subway, shopping malls inside.
This time to know many people in China often say that in fact the real Asia By 2010, the developed countries and regions, only Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Course can look forward to China, Korea, China Taiwan, UAE, India, and so can be a truly developed country.
Like Singapore, the air even better than Hong Kong.Mainly Singaporeans do not like the smell a bit strange people do in Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The GQ Eye The GQ Eye:


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